2021 Interior Design Trend Forecast

As we inch closer to closing out 2020, it’s time to think about future trends and reflect on how the recent pandemic has changed our lifestyles for the foreseeable future. These changes have influenced how we live in our homes and the activities that now take place at home. Between working from home, home-schooling, and bringing back the at-home workouts – the way Americans live at home requires the use of multi-functional spaces. The living room is now an office, spin studio, and classroom, in many households. We have also endured many added stresses that COVID has thrusted upon us, making many people turn to creating a tranquil and comforting environment at home. Boredom has been the muse behind many trends and crazes, like tie-dying all things white, DIY home renovations, and a major home organization craze that has left the Container Store empty. Real Estate investors will want to keep all of this in mind when thinking about purchasing, renovating, and flipping their next project.

Multi-Functional Space

Work from home has now required many Americans to figure out an office space and in major cities in California where extra bedrooms are not particularly common, that often leaves much to the imagination. People need to be able to work, watch their kids play and exercise— all in the same room. Multi-functional spaces in the kitchen and/or living room are now an absolute must-have for working families and single dwellers alike.

A recent article published by the National Kitchen and Bath Association conducted research on how human behaviors are impacting kitchen and bath design. Of those surveyed 87% said that they need greater inclusion and visibility with open kitchen layouts giving them multi-functional spaces in the kitchen to work for various activities like meal, prep, entertaining and working/school from home. Additionally, on the list of emerging kitchen trends to encourage multi-functional spaces are increased number of charging outlets, landing counters for grocery and food delivery, larger sinks and refrigerators to wash and store produce, recycling and composting, and commercial finishes and fabrics that are durable and easily cleaned.

Outdoor Space and Natural Environments

With many under extended stay at home orders and the added stresses of living through a pandemic, nature is often calming and a tranquil escape for people to turn to. Having an outdoor space that is used as an extension of the interior has become a popular trend, and one that is likely to stay for the long-term. Landscaping is likely to feature more garden space with an abundance of lush and serene landscaping as well as more patios and decks. Custom-design walls like an herb wall or succulent walls are great ways to expand garden space vertically in city dwellings. In addition, built-in barbecues, fire pits and pergolas are popular when space permits and creates an outdoor living space for small intimate gatherings.  With gym closures and limited classes to workout, people are also turning to their outdoor space to conduct at-home workouts. Creating a space that gives room for a little yoga or weightlifting session will be an important selling feature.

Healthy Home Environments

As the Pandemic continues, health has come to the forefront of most people’s minds. Surveys shows that homebuyers are interested in properties with a healthy home environment. The same study from the National Kitchen and Bath Association found that 48 percent of people want kitchens that are centered around being health conscience, establishing a deeper connection with nature, and creating overall balance and wellness. This may sound like a tall order for a mere kitchen but there are features that buyers are increasingly expecting. These include hands free faucets (aids in not spreading germs), range hoods over the stove (this helps contain moisture which is a leading cause of mold), a built-in compost compartment (essential in creating eco-friendly habits), and  lastly a built-in water filter for purified drinking water. A Harris Poll conducted found that more than two-thirds of those surveyed said that they plan on making their home environment healthier. According to HGTV, these strategies include: adding houseplants that help purify the air, using eco-friendly paints, and adding air purifiers.