As you start planning your 2022 real estate investment strategies here are some design trends for 2022 to keep in mind.

It is Lighting’s time to shine! As we move past nearly 2 years of the pandemic and we look to the future with the advancements we have made, it’s no wonder lighting will be at the forefront of design for 2022. As we illuminate the path towards a hopeful and brighter future, we will see that reflected in our homes.

Bold Lighting will take center stage as trends move away from functional and look for lighting to create more of an aesthetic and serve as statement pieces. Designers are predicting that statement lighting will be a huge trend this year as demand has shifted to more sculptural lighting, abstract pieces, and the use of mixed materials.

Other lighting trends on the rise are vintage finds and retro-inspired lighting. As production chains continue to be an issue, it can be easier to repurpose something old. The rise of popularity of fabric shades donning patterns and color are poised to make the vintage or more recently coined, cottage core, a driving force behind both vintage lighting and vintage-inspired fixtures alike.

Some designers say that the use of malleable LED lighting to create swirls, words, and scribbles, essentially creating artwork, will be trending. This serves not only as ambient lighting but creates a “cool” and funky vibe that is more creative than the traditional lamp base. Some simple LED rope lighting can turn a bar area or bonus room into a unique and favorable room showcasing the added value of your property.

Sconces and modernized flush mounts are another trend designers are predicting for 2022. Wall sconces are popping up in homes more frequently and with a more updated twist. If you are looking to save on floor space, designers suggest looking to the walls to offer that softer lighting. Wall sconces can create that softer glow that makes a home feel comfortable and calming as we increasingly look to our homes to offer us comfort in these uncertain times. Recessed lighting is a great opportunity to switch out with new and modern flush mounts that make the space customized and more polished. These upgrades can easily transform your investment property with minimal output.

Kitchens in 2022 are likely to be bolder using deep and sophisticated hues with rich materials. According to the designers at Decorilla, “We’re seeing a spritely turn for the kitchen paint colors of 2022, and we couldn’t be happier. Expect more yellows and burnt oranges set against moody blues or light whites. The contrast will make the hues pop even more!”

Trends are also moving towards more a streamlined look and functionality with the convivence that modern technology affords. Look to add features that are hand-less, cordless, or touchscreen. Smart technology and AI are poised to continue to be increasingly popular in homes across the board.

Sustainability and the use of recycled materials and furniture are becoming a topic that homebuyers are progressively becoming aware of and looking out for when they purchase their homes. Sustainability extends well beyond bringing your own grocery bags to Wholefoods and has impacted interior design and how materials are being sourced. Using sustainable materials can be seen as valuable to potential buyers. You can look to the use of reclaimed woods and recycled glass and metals.

Upcycling is another trend looking forward that you can incorporate around your investment property. Perhaps using an old ladder as a plant wall or vintage doors to create a potting shed. A little creativity can go a long way in making a property more unique and bringing the human element of sustainability into the home of potential buyers.


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