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As Real Estate Investors it is important to maintain marketing for your business and the need for digital marketing has never been more paramount than now. With an ever-changing real estate landscape in response to the Pandemic, it is important to find ways to network digitally and continue to build your brand and business. Here are 5 Tips on how to market your business using multiple digital channels.

  1. Purchase Social Media Ads

Most people are already using social media as a platform to market their Real Estate Investment Business. There are ways that you can boost your message on those platforms that you are already using. Paid Google Ads can seem daunting and expensive, but there are other (sometimes more effective) ways to purchase digital ads on a budget and reach a targeted but broader audience. Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram ads are a great way to set a small budget and segment the audience you are looking to target. This gives you the resources to get your message and brand out quickly to the specific demographics you are looking to convert. The trick is to stick to your set budget and see what converts. Facebook Ads in particular are a great way to get an image, a headline, text AND a call-to-action button like Send Message or Apply Now.

  1. Website

Most business owners are aware that they should have a website but if you are a newer real estate investor you may not have thought of having your own site yet. Having a website is a must and crucial for digital networking these days. Having a well laid out site can help other business connections or potential buyers get to know you and your business better. You can also showcase what properties you have flipped in the past and what you are currently selling or working on. Having your own website also gives you a platform to start a blog on. Having a blog not only helps your website tremendously with organic SEO, but it also lets colleagues and buyers know that you are an expert at your business. SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization which in short, is a marketing strategy to use certain tactics to place higher in search rankings like Google or Bing. These tactics include using keywords, backlinks, link building, and long-form content like blogs that are relevant to the reader, or searcher. Google favors this type of long-form content and you will start to organically, or naturally, rise in unpaid search rankings. You can also use your blog as a way to increase engagement and perhaps reach a broader audience.

  1. Email Campaigns Aren’t Just for Large Companies.

There are a multitude of affordable email campaign programs available to businesses. A little research and you might find a program that is just right for you. Programs like Mail Chimp and Constant Contact have user-friendly editors where you can build out an HTML email with no design background. In case you’re unfamiliar with what HTML is, it is short for HyperText Markup Language. HTML email is essentially the code, or language, that enables capabilities that plain text emails do not. These sorts of capabilities allow the email to be formatted and styled, which can often be more appealing and eye-catching to the reader. You can learn more about the differences between HTML emails and plain text emails in this Hubsot Blog. This can really help to establish your brand and you can include images that help to engage the readers. Sending out a monthly newsletter or any other important communications is a great way to stay top of mind in your network.

  1. Host Webinars or Zoom Networking Meetings- Even a Happy Hour!

There are different platforms you can use such as Zoom which is a great webinar tool and the basics are free. You can try the program out without having to commit to it so there is nothing lost. Hosting a webinar or Zoom Networking Meeting is a great event to advertise on your website, email blasts and social channels. You can choose to host an educational webinar on a topic you are very familiar with or simply host a Happy Hour online to network and mingle from the comfort of everyone’s homes!

  1. Use Video

Video is quickly becoming the choice of medium that people are consuming more and more. Video is a great way to market your property to potential homebuyers. Zillow and other major listing platforms are already using video and digital technology. You can also post videos to your website and social media channels! You can even do paid video Facebook ads and more. Video has been increasingly easy to record as smart phones like iPhone and small cameras made by companies like GoPro have made it accessible to the average person. Do a little research and find the equipment that is best for you.

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