Move aside gray, brown is having a moment

As we move into 2023, designers say that the cold stark white, gray, and cool tones are on their way out in favor of much warmer tones in shades of beige, brown, peach, and even pinks. Natural reds and even blue-greens are also taking center stage. Earth tones are taking over as designers look to create inviting environments that embody warmth and comfort. According to HGTV “The Color Landscape for interior design in 2023 is full of comforting paint shades”. Most designers consider a current shift in trends from the minimalist cool grays and white spaces to be moving into this new direction for a while to come. Earth tones started popping up during the pandemic as people started looking to their homes as sanctuaries. While tans and browns have been increasingly popular, designers are predicting mauve to be the color of the year, with its flattering hues and romantic nature.

This is important to keep in mind whether you are flipping a property or renovating a buy-and-hold investment. While trends come and go, it’s important to keep a pulse on what will draw homebuyers and renters alike to attract the most people.

Is Mid Century still a look for 2023?

Yes and No. According to designer Avery Cox of Avery Cox Design, people are moving away from the “mod” vibes of California and Palm Springs into a grittier and more artistic take on mid-century. She says this will take the form of natural shapes, natural earth tones, and textural finishes. After periods of stress, isolation, and fear, people lean into a naturalistic design that leans into those natural shapes and materials. When renovating a real estate investment property, think of integrating the home into the natural landscape and creating those spaces that allow for nature to be incorporated into designs.

Modern Farmhouse belongs in the past or on a farm

The modern farmhouse look took households by storm and depending on your location, may be dying out slower than other regions. Professionals say that modern farmhouse has reached their saturation point and is on their way out. It may still have a place in design, and that place is on a farm. Instead, designers are suggesting Neoclassicism has begun to come back already and will continue to gain popularity into 2023. Neoclassicism is defined as the revival of the many styles and spirits of classic antiquity inspired directly by the classical period. After the casual attitudes that came with the all-day pajama look that the pandemic served up, people are ready for more sophistication in their surroundings. This style is focused on elegance and sophistication with symmetrical and balanced layouts. It is also easily incorporated into other styles.

Curves and Arches

2023 will carve out softer shapes with curved edges from archways to furniture. These softer rounded sculptural forms are indicative of those organic and earthy undertones taking shape in interiors.  Consider arched doorways and windows if you can incorporate them into your renovation plans.

Silver Accents and Textured Tiles

Silver accents are poised to take over in 2023 with the use of polished aluminum, stainless steel, and nickel. Iron finishings will continue to be integrated into interior designs as well. Gold and brass elements won’t reign as prominently as in previous years. Textured tiles will also be materials incorporated into everything from bathrooms, kitchens, floors, and even fireplaces. These elements will showcase that more organic look that permeates the 2023 design.

Home buyers and renters will bring their own flair and style to the home, but it will need to fit in with the property’s aesthetic. So, it is important to keep in mind the popular décor and styles that people are looking to create a home with when they are mentally placing their belongings while viewing the potential space.