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How It Works

Our simple 4-step loan process is the easiest part of the renovation

Step 1

Apply for a loan

Step 2

We review and underwrite your project

Step 3

We fund your loan and you get started on your project

Step 4

We maintain the relationship

The Pivotal Difference

We're Quick

As a direct lender, we reduce the red tape, make decisions ourselves and can close fast to give you the confidence to close and start your project on-time.

We're Real

As finance industry experts with a sole focus on financing real estate investors, we have designed our loan types to be flexible to meet the needs of our borrowers.

We're Direct Lenders

We already have our own capital to lend for your real estate project, so when we provide a loan proposal, rest assured we can perform.

We're Here For You

We are here to provide you the capital you need to grow your business by building a long-lasting relationship to make future borrowing reliable and easier.

Brokers & Sales Agents

Pivotal Capital Group welcomes loan submissions from brokers. To help submit a loan quickly and easily, feel free to complete our loan submission form, and we'll get back to you right away.