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No Up-Front Fees Fix & Flip Loan with Low Interest Rates!

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Pivotal Capital Group has recently released its newest Fix & Flip Loan Product: No Up-Front Loan Fee with Interest Rates as low as 5.99%. This is a great product for real estate investors who want to keep more cash on hand to put into renovating the property, save on interest expense, and which could help boost their investment strategies and get more deals done.

How it works:
With our No Up-Front Loan Fee program, the loan fee is earned at close, however, it is not paid until loan payoff.  This increases the amount of loan proceeds which get distributed to the investor at the loan closing, since the loan fee is not withheld from the initial loan funding. That means more leverage for the investor!

And with interest rates now starting as low as 5.99%, investors can reduce their carry costs over the life of the loan. These two factors effectively provide the investor with more working capital to utilize for renovation costs, or to put to work in additional investments. And having a lower cost of borrowed capital can enhance an investor’s purchasing power, giving them an edge against competing property buyers.

What you can do with more CASH:
Investing more into renovations could end up increasing the selling price of your investments property. Perhaps you haven’t budgeted to include some cosmetic updates to the exterior of your property because you want to focus on updating the interior. With more cash on hand you can budget for some added curb appeal to draw in more potential buyers. Learn more about ways to Achieve Max Curb Appeal of Your Flip.

If your investment property allows for it, you may want to consider adding an ADU to your flip. Increasing square footage is a great way to potentially increase the price of your property. Many home buyers are increasingly looking for ADUs as housing solutions for extended family members. Read more about how Adding an ADU Adds Tremendous Value to Your Flip.

The Fix & Flip business is a fast-paced industry that waits for no one. Allow Pivotal Capital Group the opportunity to help you grow your business and make more money on your investments.

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