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First impressions are everything and it means just as much if not more when selling your flip. People comb through online sites when looking at houses to buy and decide in a split second whether or not they want to click on your property. The more clicks on your property, the more potential buyers are apt to show up to your property and consider making it their home.

It also serves as its own advertisement when the exterior looks just as good as the interior. Potential buyers driving by are more inclined to stop in to that open house, and those pulling up are more impressed from the minute they see the home.

1. Raise the Roof
How much effort and cost you need to put into your exterior obviously depends on how good (or bad) the condition of the property is in when you bought it. As a real estate investor you have budgeted for not only cosmetic updates to the exterior but also any repairs needed on things like the roof. A clean roof will spruce up the exterior and signal to the buyer immediately that the property is in good condition. Sometimes a new roof entirely is the only option. Either way, make sure it looks good for the potential buyer.

2. Paint by Number
Give your house a face-lift using some fresh paint! You can update your property’s look immediately by painting the exterior to also include any trim, garage, shutters, and porch. Don’t forget to also paint any light fixtures. Often times, the front door is the main focal point walking up to a home. Make sure the door has a fresh coat of paint or perhaps replace it entirely to match the aesthetic of the property.

4. Light the way
Make sure the home is well lit and the porch light or any other outside lighting works. Little things like burned-out or missing light bulbs can immediately trigger a potential buyer to think the property is in disrepair.

 5. If the grass is always greener on the other side, make sure that’s your side.
Your landscaping will likely depend on the style of the property and if opting for a lawn, ensure that it is green and lush. A pro tip for potential cost savings is to spread grass seed and some top soil at the beginning of your flip project to help nurture it along the way. If your project already has some grass you could spread some fertilizer at the start of the project to fill in any empty patches. Another increasingly popular choice and selling point in California is to input native Californian and drought tolerant plants either in place of a lawn entirely or in addition as the remaining landscaping. A lot of homebuyers, particularly in Southern California, are interested in landscaping that is cost-effective and helps to conserve water. If you are considering low water landscaping, and you have it in your budget you may want to consult a company that specializes in that field. Landscapers like FormLA Landscaping specialize in native foliage to the Los Angeles area specifically.

 6. Pave the Way
Similarly to your roof and other fixtures, make sure the driveway is clean and free of cracks. A cracked driveway will give off the immediate impression that some additional items need some fixing on the property.